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My name is Berlyz G. Rivera. Ever since I was a little girl I had a passion for animals. I would often bring stray dogs and cats home, even though my mother never let me keep all of them. I always treated them with love and care, they were strays so I never knew what they had endured, so instead of being harsh, I was calm and kind. See there are many people who are like me and who love animals. I came across a video on youtube by complete accident. It was about the Cheyeen Rodeos and how they treat their animals. I was so surprised that a company that decleared they loved their animals and treated them the right way, could be so wrong! I watched over 12 videos of pure animal abuse, until I could no longer handle it. I just kept wondering how could they be so cruel!? How can you stand to look at an animal in tremendous pain, and just walk away like it were nothing? You truely have to be heartless. I want a stop to this, these animals did not ask to be here and shouldnt be treated as toys, or for meaningless entertainment! I need help from animal lovers to stop this horrific torture on these rodeo animals, because its only going to keep continuing. For every animal lost they just find another victim to replace it. SO please help me stop Cheyenne Rodeos. These poor animals have no voice or say so in the matter, so lets be their saviours!

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