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My name is Berlyz G. Rivera. Ever since I was a little girl I had a passion for animals. I would often bring stray dogs and cats home, even though my mother never let me keep all of them. I always treated them with love and care, they were strays so I never knew what they had endured, so instead of being harsh, I was calm and kind. See there are many people who are like me and who love animals. I came across a video on youtube by complete accident. It was about the Cheyeen Rodeos and how they treat their animals. I was so surprised that a company that decleared they loved their animals and treated them the right way, could be so wrong! I watched over 12 videos of pure animal abuse, until I could no longer handle it. I just kept wondering how could they be so cruel!? How can you stand to look at an animal in tremendous pain, and just walk away like it were nothing? You truely have to be heartless. I want a stop to this, these animals did not ask to be here and shouldnt be treated as toys, or for meaningless entertainment! I need help from animal lovers to stop this horrific torture on these rodeo animals, because its only going to keep continuing. For every animal lost they just find another victim to replace it. SO please help me stop Cheyenne Rodeos. These poor animals have no voice or say so in the matter, so lets be their saviours!

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My name is Berlyz G. Rivera. I am 20 years old andI love animals. I hate to see any get hurt or abused on purpose. Cheyenne Rodeos do! They swear they treat their animals like royalty, but yet you have horses dying, calves being jerked so badly, they literally do a 180 IN THE AIR! One horse broke its right hind leg and was forced to run, then didn't receive any treatment!! He was left alone, in practically a box for 45 minutes before being ran into a trailer to be euthanized. But they claim to love all love all of their animals! You cannot claim to love animals, and then abuse them. They are so cruel!! Please help stop the abuse. They are innocent animals, they do not ask to be brought into this world to leave in such tragic ways. You can see videos on look up user sharkonlineorg. They have over 400 videos of the supposed love they show their beloved animals.

Any person with a heart can understand why this is wrong. We are talking about creatures that have no way of understanding why these terrible things are happening to them. How would you like it if some one jerked your baby cow so bad, he did a complete flip in mind air, then got hog tied with a broken leg? Does that even sound humane? Who are they to do this to animals? Where does it say that it is ok to treat them this way in any way, shape, or form? Last time I checked this is ruled as animal cruelty, and you can go to jail for it. So why hasn't the Cheyenne Rodeo been stopped? There are hundreds of videos proving their abuse, yet year after year they put on their show. It is truly sickening.

Please put a stop to this.