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Chevron on Buffington Road: NOT ONE CENT

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All citizens, homeowners, renters, friends, and supporters of the communities in South Fulton are encouraged to support this petition to impact change in our neighborhood by addressing the rampant crime and exploitation happening at the Chevron gas station on Buffington Road (on the corner of Royal South Parkway). Residents have noticed:

  • Selling of drugs
  • Prostitution
  • Loitering and solicitation
  • Lack of security or police presence (there to serve the community)
  • Despicable customer service and blatant disrespect and disregard for customers (including children)
  • Inconsistent pricing and price gouging
  • Psychological attack created by loud, repeating “warning” message indicating that the customer has triggered the alarm and is being recorded

By signing this petition, you agree that the residents impacted by this festering lesion of an establishment in our community needs to clean up or get out!  We, the residents, are tired of feeling exploited and taken advantage of; we demand change.  We will BOYCOTT the Chevron gas station until our requests are taken seriously and we urge others to do the same!

We also encourage you, after signing this petition, to support this cause and join us in boycotting this establishment.  NOT ONE CENT should be going to that store.  Please share on every social media outlet. 

To be clear: our petition and boycott are directed at the Chevron gas station (the owner(s) and the clerks). We love and support the small business owners that share space in the plaza and our sincere hope is that positive change for our community will help create an environment in which these businesses can thrive, in peace and safety!

While we wait for our voices to be heard through decreased revenue, please also:

  • Contact the Union City Police Department and share your concerns:  770-515-7858
  • Contact Chevron corporate offices and share your concerns.  925-842-1000

We look forward to the positive change that will soon come but we cannot do it without you. So, thank you so much for your support.


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