Fund our Future CCPS

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The schools and students in Chesterfield County have done more with less for nearly 20 years.  The time is now to fund the public schools at levels that respond to real needs.

Since 2015, one in three school teachers have left.  They have moved on to systems with better wages, more support programs, and resources and materials to be successful.  School communities grow more diverse, over 90 languages are spoken as the student's primary language. The impact of poverty is recognized in the increasing number of students on free or reduced lunch. Increasing childhood trauma is evident. Direct support to schools has remained unchanged in 20 years.

When compared with 12 nearby school districts, Chesterfield is last [or near last] on measurements of expenditures for direct instruction, operations/maintenance, health, per pupil costs and transportation.  For our communities to thrive, funding for public schools MUST keep pace with actual need.

Your signature sends a message to the members of the Board of Supervisors that you expect them to stand up and do what is right for our students and our communities.  Fund our Schools!