Communities Uniting Against Mariner East

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The "Safety 7" complaint currently pending before the PA Public Utility Commission (PUC) is heading for a final hearing at the end of September. This case is a consolidated mix of 7 community members represented by counsel (the Safety 7), 3 'pro se' community members, several intervening community members, one homeowner's association, 4 school districts (DASD, WCASD, RTM, TVSD), 5 municipalities (Uwchlan, West Whiteland, Thornbury, East Goshen, Middletown), and 2 counties (Chester and Delaware). The matters at hand involve the serious safety risks involuntarily imposed on our communities through the reckless construction and dangerous operation of Sunoco's Mariner East pipeline.

Recently, it became public that Sunoco has invited some of the intervening parties, absent the original complainants in this case, to participate in settlement discussions. That meeting is expected to take place this coming week. 

Sunoco has a long history of attempts to divide and conquer in our communities. We are stronger together, and maintaining unity in the fight for our personal and collective safety is a powerful tool. We aren't a corporation that fights with our pockets full of money- we're neighbors that love, care and look after each other, especially now in the face of a company that operates in ways that harm our property and takes aim at our connections to one another.

Our community has worked hard to collectively oppose the dangerous Mariner East project in this legal proceeding before the PUC. Don't let Sunoco's tactics tear that apart- tell your township, school, and county officials to say NO to participation in settlement discussions that are exclusionary. Instead, say YES to the collective power and unity of our communities working together to stand up and stand together.

By signing this petition, we're demanding that our communities and schools present with a united front. NOBODY should be engaging in settlement discussions unless EVERYONE is engaging in settlement discussions- we will not sit by and allow Sunoco to isolate and bully our neighbors. 

We will not settle for anything less than all in- and neither should our elected officials who are responsible for our collective safety.