Petition against NCF President: Olalekan Adeyemi by Chess Players in Nigeria

Petition against NCF President: Olalekan Adeyemi by Chess Players in Nigeria

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CPAN Nigeria started this petition to Chess Players' Association of Nigeria and

The Chess Players’ Association of Nigeria – CPAN; (a non-profit organization with the mission of "Creating a synergy between sporting excellence, players’ welfare and promotion of our National identity and integrity through Chess.") as representatives of Nigerian Chess Players hereby publish this petition with urgent and dire need for the World Chess Federation (FIDE)’s direct intervention regarding the recent on-goings within the Nigerian Chess Scene as under the purview of the Nigeria Chess Federation(NCF) headed by Olalekan Adeyemi.
Since 2013 (when Mr. Adeyemi first became the NCF President) through 2017 (when he commenced his 2nd tenure) till date (2019) when he resumed office as FIDE Vice President (all the while also doubling as Nigeria’s Rating Officer); the Nigerian Chess Community has been subjected to various instances of abuse of power by Mr. Adeyemi that have reached such alarming degrees (the most recent and alarming being Mr. Adeyemi’s refusal (as the rating officer) to rate tournaments except organizers of same or participating players pay a sum of N5,000 each (approximately €12.50 - which FIDE did not mandate for any Federation) to generate FIDE IDs for players previously with none to enable the rating of said tournaments - no other Federation charges players to get FIDE IDs)) as to necessitate our seeking FIDE’s intervention (being a superior body to the NCF) to bring the NCF President/Rating Officer to order.
You will find attached to this petition evidence of payments of Tournament Registration Fees (€50 each) paid by 2 Organizers on 3 different occasions: one (The CPAN Chess League Season 4 Rounds 1 and 2 held 23rd to 24th March 2019) which is no longer on the FIDE website having expired because it was not forwarded for rating in due course (even though a sum of €220 was paid as Rating Fees which has also not been refunded – find attached the receipt also); another (e4 Genius 1st Chess Championship held 12th to 14th April 2019) which is still on the FIDE website but for which tournament details have not been submitted even though the Chief Arbiter of the event has sent the report to the NCF President/Rating Officer; and a third (CPAN Chevron Chess Challenge C4 held 16th to 19th May 2019) which was not registered on the FIDE website at all by the NCF over a month after payment.
You will also find attached, letters written by the affected organizers to the NCF requesting the reason for the non-rating of their tournaments after monies have been paid - which have not been responded to.
As a Chess Community and Players’ Representative, our first and greatest priority is to popularize Chess as a means to attain its development partly through the organizing of tournaments (something the NCF has not done since 2016). Something Mr. Adeyemi is clearly sabotaging by holding us to ransom with FIDE IDs and Tournament Ratings except we give in to his extortion. We fear Mr. Adeyemi’s actions; if left unchecked by FIDE may totally stagnate the development of Chess in Nigeria, the strongest country in Zone 4.4 (where he has also started to attempt to extend his oppression by summoning players to disciplinary meetings for participating in Zonal events simply because they are nominated by the African Chess Confederation - as is their right to do despite his attempts to sabotage the nominations). Incidentally, he single-handedly cut Nigeria off from ACC after losing out to Lewis Ncube in the penultimate ACC Presidential election to the detriment of Nigerian Players’ who were thus unable to participate in continental events for the period as he wouldn’t send Federation nominations for such events.
Please note that Mr. Adeyemi has been very cunning in his attempted extortion. He has made all such demands through non-official means and third-party emissaries. This is probably why he has not responded to official correspondence as attached herein. Please also note that CPAN (as an organizer) has had to rate an event (they paid NCF to register with FIDE and rate with no action taken) through the Namibia Chess Federation who have not collected any monies even though service has been rendered. Why is it then our own Rating Officer sabotaging our events?!
We request the honor of:
FIDE President – Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich
FIDE Deputy President – Mr. Bacahr Kouatly
FIDE General Secretary – Mr. Enyonam Sewa Fumey
FIDE Vice President – Mr. Nigel Short
African Chess Confederation President – Mr. Lewis Ncube
FIDE Zone 4.4 President – Mr. Philip Ameku
Honorable Minister for Youth & Sports- Barr. Solomon Dalung
To take action and #SaveNigerianChess from Olalekan Adeyemi.

Finally, find herein as an addendum a list of some players (many of them among the country’s Top 20 Players; others very popular in our Chess Community) who are aware and also suffering from this horrific situation of non-rating of tournaments/non-issuance of FIDE ID’s and who have appended their names to this petition.
PLEASE Help #SaveNigerianChess from the hands of Olalekan Adeyemi and help save it NOW by signing this petition.
Gens Una Sumus
Ayokanmi Ajayi (President, CPAN), FIDE ID: 8505853

Fasinu, Tolulope (General Secretary, CPAN), FIDE ID: 8505900

1. Kigigha, Bomo (FM) – 8500037
2. Balogun, Oluwafemi (IM) – 8501246
3. Ajibola, Olanrewaju – 8500940
4. Aikhoje, Odion (IM) – 8500240
5. Olape, Bunmi (IM) – 8500290
6. Sorungbe, Ademola (CM) – 8500223
7. Akinseye, Abiola (FM) - 8503010
8. Akinwamide, Oluwadamilare – 8501793
9. Ogunwobi, Tolulope – 8501521
10. Lapite, Oluwadurotimi – 8503648
11. Fawole, John Oyeyemi (FM) – 8501319
12. Akinseye Akinleye (CM) – 8504458
13. Dasaolu, Rotimi – 8500150
14. Soyoye, Abel – 8502510
15. Enarevba, Tega Mandy – 8503150
16. Fabeyo, Frederick – 8503176
17. Oyeleye Olawale Peter – 8505624
18. Adelaja, Adewale – 8503680
19. Olayemi Ajibade
20. Oluwadara, Adegbayi – 8504156

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At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!