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PC 5336 Claire Ford to have no role policing fox hunting or be present, on or off duty.

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We believe that as an officer of the law, PC 5336 Claire Ford, should have no involvement in policing fox hunts due to her clear conflict of interest on this issue, we also believe that Cheshire Police should demand that she has no involvement with fox hunting whatsoever, be that on duty or off duty, nor should she have any role in policing the forthcoming badger cull that may be rolled out to Cheshire.

PC 5336 Claire Ford was photographed on Saturday the 10th of December supporting the Cheshire Forest Hunt as a passenger on a quad bike then filmed acting as private security for the hunt by misusing her professional powers in a matter of civil law.

It is common knowledge that there are many officers of the law involved in fox hunting all over the country, either directly, as is the case with PC 5336 Claire Ford, who is known to ride with the hunt, or indirectly, in the way of supporting them from the roadside etc. How are we meant to trust these supposed law enforcement officers to uphold the law when they tow a very fine line between lawful and unlawful activities themselves?

We would like Cheshire Police to make a stand against cruelty and call into question the actions of PC 5336 Claire Ford and any other supposed officers of the law within their force who are directly or indirectly involved with hunting.

Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs.

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