Stop Cheshire East Council building on the Limelight car park ( land off Browning st)

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Engine of the North a company owned by Cheshire East Council have applied for planning permission to build 8 houses on (and to remodel) the car park off Browning st in Crewe. You will probably know it as the Limelight car park.

The proposal would take an already over used car park and reduce the spaces  from 72 spaces to 38  leaving residents, shoppers and commuters with ever limited places to park their cars.  Richard moon st the adjacent street has single yellow lines so residents cannot use this in the day.

This development will force the nearby streets to become dangerously over crowded, local businesses to lose customers and workers who travel into Crewe to add to the over burdened street traffic.

This development also threatens the quality of life for nearby residents  affecting many facets, such as access to their own house for a disabled resident leaving it virtually impossible to enter the property.  Maintaining  the exterior of a neighbouring house will also be made totally impractical  because of the proximaty of the new build. 


Access for the emergency services in the event if an accident will be extremely difficult and potentially dangerous because of the bottle neck effect the new builds will create. Causing greater traffic flow but less space for the traffic to flow. The whole area will feel and look overdeveloped with neighbours and friends fighting over the few safe places to park their cars. The houses will have no where to put the bins on collection day.

Also,don't forget the entire car park will be closed for upwards of 8 months while the building takes place.

The development also contrivens Crewe and Nantwich'' own policies which state new builds should have 50m2 of amenity space these houses have around 32m2 if a private developer submitted these plans they would get thrown out immediately.

All these reasons and more should make the council see sense and throw the proposal out, but we need your help please sign the petition. Thank you.