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Allow Leah Melton to use Senior Option during 2013-2014 to attend DCHS

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It is a basic student right to utilize Senior Option, and I meet all of the requirements needed to be allowed to make use of it. Despite this, the School Board has rejected my application for Senior Option. I am very involved in the Deep Creek community and I am a great student. If I am unable to attend Deep Creek High School, I will lose the opportunity to fully enjoy my last year of high school and I will lose many positions that I worked hard for and was voted into, such as being Secretary of the DCHS Chapter of the Student Council Association, and being Treasurer of the Senior Class. Some other organizations that I am a part of are the ASPIRE Program (sponsored by the City of Chesapeake's "Children Today, Leaders Tomorrow" program), a member of Deep Creek High School's chapter of the National Honor Society, a charter member and Secretary of Deep Creek High School's Science Club, a singer in Deep Creek High School's Advanced Treble and Varsity Singers ensembles, a member of Deep Creek High School's chapter of Future Business Leaders of America, a member of Deep Creek's Students Against Destructive Decisions club, and a member of Deep Creek's chapter of the PTSA and serve as a Board Member.  I love being a part of Deep Creek High School.  Please help me be able to finish my Senior year in Deep Creek. 

My entire story:  


In September of last year, my Grandma offered a house to my Mom(which is still in the city of Chesapeake, and is less than 10 miles away from my old address), if my family and I would fix it up.  Between October and January, we spent every weekend in the house painting, cleaning, and doing other home improvements.  During this time, we had turned the power on inside of the house, for lights, heating, and other uses.  We began living in the house on January 27th.  (The 24th of January was the last day of 1st Semester.) Then April comes around and I am sitting in my first block class. I receive a letter and I open it, and it says that I have 2 days to leave Deep Creek High School and enroll in the school that I am zoned for.  I called my mom and she got "special permission" from the Office of Student Enrollment for me to finish the rest of the school year.  Then, in June of 2013, we went to apply for use of the Senior Option.  They told my mother that she had to bring in a collective electric bill for the house. She did, but the electric bill had charges on it since October(due to us heating the house).  She explained to the people in the Office of Student Enrollment, but they did not believe her.  Then, they proceeded to claim that we had been living in our current house since October, and that they had sent people to see if we were living in our old house in October, and that no one was living there. In the rejection letter that they sent me, they claimed that I did not meet the requirement that I must have moved after the beginning of second semester of Junior year, which I did.  They wrongly rejected me.

Thank you for your support.  -Leah Melton

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