Save Self-Directed Learning

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We as a community want to save the unique ways of the self directed learning system. Many changes are being implemented to change our school to a "traditional" system. Self directed learning has positively been impacting students for the past 40 years without fail, and changing this would be detrimental to not only students but also administration that have attended and worked at this school. Self directed learning was created for students to be able to learn at their own pace and achieve their goals in a way that works best for them. Our community has found that these new changes to our school has done nothing but negatively impact our ability to learn and be ourselves. Not only has administration taken away our freedom to leave when necessary and eat lunch when needed, but by doing so we are also losing places to work where we are comfortable. Before these changes, work spaces were already limited, now we have lost 100+ places to work and are uncomfortable with the new arrangements. We are also disappointed in the fact that we can no longer take a fourth year, especially when some of us were guaranteed one. Instead of taking an extra year to either catch up or upgrade we now have to pay money to upgrade at a different school. In conclusion, for Bishop Carroll to be better, it needs to go back to how it was, without change.