Keep Omaha Public Schools Online Until COVID-19 Controlled

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OPS Decision and Next Steps

Hi all,

To start, we would like to thank you for adding your name to this petition.  As we are sure you are aware, Omaha Public Schools recently announced the decision to move to a 100% remote learning model for the first quarter of the school year, and they will evaluate whether it is safe to reopen after that.

This is great news, but the fight is not over.  To ensure a safe and timely return to school, we need to advocate for appropriate public health measures to be put in place, starting with a mask mandate.  On Tuesday, August 11, there is a City Council vote on a proposed mask mandate, and we are urging you to contact your representatives (click the link below if you don't know who your councilmember is) and tell them to vote in favor of this mandate for the sake of public health.

North Student Action
3 months ago