Keep Nethercote Rural (Hands Off Our Hamlet)

Keep Nethercote Rural (Hands Off Our Hamlet)

14 November 2021
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Why this petition matters

Developing the area of Nethercote for commercial use would have a hugely negative impact on our countryside; increase traffic and place further pressure on the M40 roundabout which is already insufficient for the volume; increase noise from alarms and machinery; remove the natural habitat for wildlife and birds; increase flooding risks by removing permeable surfaces to mention a few.

KEEP NETHERCOTE RURAL (HANDS OFF OUR HAMLET) is a campaign to not only prevent large scale development in the area but to also seek some protection for the area to preserve this area of countryside and the Banbury heritage that lies within for the future



Nethercote is a hamlet on the edge of North Oxfordshire, a semi-rural area bordering with West Northamptonshire. The hamlet sits South East of J11 of M40, lying South of the A422 and East of the M40.  An area of approximately one to two square miles, predominantly agricultural land used for grazing, a single-track road runs right through the hamlet, known as Banbury Lane, which has around a dozen residential properties along the lane. 

Banbury Lane is still often referred to as Blacklocks Hill and this refers to the history of the area and a time when this area saw a main route into Banbury, before the M40 and A422.

Originally Nethercote fell within Northamptonshire, forming part of the Warkworth Parish, along with the then hamlet of Grimsbury.  In 1889 both hamlets became part of Banbury and have since fallen within Oxfordshire.  Whilst Grimsbury is designated a Conservation Area, there is currently no protection in place for Nethercote

Nethercote is significant to the history of Banbury and local agriculture alike; creates an important and tranquil green space on the edge of the county; provides an accessible green space for the nearby villages and town and is rich in wildlife including rare species.

Local Planning

Cherwell District Council are currently carrying out a review of their Local Plan 2040 and as part of the call for sites, a speculative submission was made proposing Nethercote as a site suitable for commercial development which would in effect see the area concreted over with large industrial units built; thus losing this area of countryside and Banbury heritage forever

West Northants Council are also carrying out a review to their Strategic Plan and whilst nothing is yet in the public domain, it is likely that there will be some consideration of the area within this review because the most North part of Nethercote falls within West Northants area as does the Bowling Green Site which is currently in the process of being sold and sits at the other end of Nethercote.

The area is vulnerable to development attempts and therefore the area requires some protection to ensure that our countryside and heritage is preserved for the future. 

As part of Cherwell District Council Local Plan Review consultation, a further proposal has been made to give Local Green Space designation to Nethercote, this would give special protection to the area against development. There are also further designations that Cherwell District Council could consider to protect the area, such as Conservation Area designation.

Recreation - Access To Green Spaces

As well as Banbury Lane itself, there are numerous public footpaths running through Nethercote, all regularly enjoyed by both residents, dog walkers and hikers alike. It is also in walking distance of nearby residential estates in Banbury, Overthorpe and Middleton Cheney and many people come to enjoy the scenery and quiet. We call upon these people to please support our campaign to Keep Nethercote Rural


The area is a natural habitat for much wildlife, such as Muntjac deer, foxes, badgers, bats, hedgehogs, birds of prey, including owls, rare birds such as woodpeckers, insects and bees along with many species of small mammals.  The area with its proximity to the M40 and the A422 gives the wildlife an unusual protection from human interference or disturbance.  There is currently no officially recorded data on biodiversity or wildlife in the area, this is currently being addressed. 


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Signatures: 2,155Next Goal: 2,500
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