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Phones Becoming a Nuisance

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     Hey you, yes you, the one reading this. How many hours have you been scrolling through your phone? More or less 2 hours?

     If you're reading this, then Hi! Warm greetings from our group, Trichotech. We are a group of students aiming to put a stop in the excessive use of technology in front of our family.

   As the generation whose life has been exposed to technologies, we can't help but be a little dependent to it. Admit it or not, we can't deny the fact that technology has dominated our life. It has been very helpful to us. The biggest step that the technology had, was inventing the internet or specifically, the social media. It became a revolutionary invention.The things that were hard to do in the past, can now be done with the use of technology and a little effort. Now, it has been used for different purposes such as a platform for talking to our family, friends, and even strangers, using it as an alternative for books to search things that we don't know, used for entertainment purposes, and other things that we can think off. Internet has it all. Though it has been very useful, there's always a dark side to everything especially this internet. It's not only about the dark sites or the bad influences that it has but also it became a hindrance to family time.

     Most of the time millennials used their cellphones to get involved in any activities like social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even amino to get along with the persons they do not know in the first place.Times that were supposed to be spent to our families and even to our real friends, were now being consumed by our addiction in using the internet. Because of too much time and attention that teenagers are spending on their gadgets, they do not even realize their responsibilities as a daughter, student and human in the society was getting affected. They do not even tend to make bond with their parents when weekends occur. They do not even read books to understand their lessons. Less time for the family but too much time for the technology. Suppose to be weekends are for quality time but then any glimpse of enjoyment could not be seen in their eyes. Before the modern technology was invented the people could interact with each other personally and all the thoughts that has been in their mind were able to express with the real feelings to understand what does they want. Children could show their love for their family but suddenly it changes because of tooo much addiction they have when it comes to their phones which is really trending nowadays. Because it has put our social life in a more convenient way, it also has opened a path that leads to cruelty.

     Some people are using ICT in a way that contradicts the benefits of everyone such as the cyber bullying, which is very common nowadays for the millennial. Social network has become another access to use as a threat for anyone. The safety of our privacy is also at risk. People we don’t know may also gain access to our personal lives. There are also users that hide in a false identity and use it to deceive their victims. ICT also has become the entertainment and an access to receive information. But people are now relying too much on their technology and forget the creativity they can possess. People have increased their dependency on modern tools that also reduces their creativity and intelligence. ICT may isolate us from reality but we can never escape from it.  We are forgetting the essence of the internet and making our family wait for the much awaited "family bonding". This needs to stop before it becomes too much.

     With these, we decided to create a petition on requiring millennials to surrender their phones while with their love ones. This aims to develop their communication skills through time. It will enhance their ability to be open with their parents with their personal problems and needs. These actions will help millennials emotionally thus making them less prone to depression.

     If you have any questions, suggestions, and other related information about our project, feel free to contact us at

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