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Petitioning Cherry Hill, NJ Municipal Zoning Board

Deny Variance for Cell Phone Tower at the Merchantville Country Club

Pegasus Tower has entered into a lease agreement with Merchantville Country Club to build a 150' Cell Phone Tower on the grounds of the Merchantville Country Club in close proximity to residents, a playground, a community center and a school. 

URGENT: Attend the Cherry Hill Zoning Board meeting on Thursday, April 12th, 2012 @7:30, 820 Mercer Ave. Cherry Hill. Our presence & voice will help Cherry Hill officials make the right decision. 


Do you know:

Studies have shown cell phone towers located in residential neighborhoods have negative effects on local property values.

There are legitimate concerns, backed by sound science, of adverse health effects, especially to young children, of constant exposure to cell phone tower electromagnetic radiation.



Letter to
Cherry Hill, NJ Municipal Zoning Board
We the undersigned represent citizens opposed to the zoning application(s) from Pegasus Tower for the placement of a cell phone tower on the grounds of the Merchantville Country Club in close proximity to residents, a playground, a community center and a school. The applicant, Pegasus Tower, plans on building a 130’ to 150’ monotower on land leased from the Merchantville Country Club. Currently Metro/PCS has plans to locate at this tower and there is capability for more telecommunication companies to co-locate in the future.

We the undersigned oppose the tower for reasons including, but not limited to the following:

Property Value and Aesthetics: We wish to protest the cell tower construction based on the rights of property owners in Cherry Hill, Merchantville, and Pennsauken. Citizens in all three of these townships have residences within 200 feet of the proposed tower. The Federal Communications Act of 1996 states that property values and aesthetics are valid reasons for a municipality to deny zoning for a cell tower or antenna. It is our belief that the tower would create an eyesore in the community, even if an attempt is made to disguise the tower as a tree. The unsightly tower, along with the fear of living near one, would result in lower property value. Several recent studies have confirmed this result. The lower property values would reduce the amount of property tax collected.

Health and Safety: The concern over the possible negative health effects of living and/or going to school so close to a cell phone tower is real. Federal health and safety agencies have not yet developed policies concerning possible risk from long-term non-thermal exposures to the electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phone towers. Numerous studies have raised alarm, and the scientific research is proceeding urgently to provide conclusive answers. Therefore, cell tower transmissions are classic situations of uncertainty and risk calling for precaution. Under this clear need for evaluation of risk, the wisest approach for both government and individuals is to take the first step in implementing precaution, by preventing this cell phone tower from being constructed in a residential area, near a school, and close to a community center.

We understand that the federal courts have already ruled that a municipality has no obligation to allow intrusive cell tower installations anywhere within its borders, when adequate coverage already exists. We believe Metro/PCS and other cellular communications companies should be required to find more appropriate locations in nearby commercial and industrial zones, away from residential neighborhoods, and that all alternative scenarios must be exhausted.

We proudly join the growing community of citizens across the country who are standing up to these assaults and helping zoning officials and others involved in the process. We urge you to do the right thing for the citizens who live near the proposed tower and the schoolchildren who attend Merchantville Grammar School within 1500 feet of the proposed site. The issues stated here are only a few of the many reasons we ask that you deny zoning approval for the proposed cell tower.

The concerned parents, residents, homeowners, business owners and others who have voluntarily and electronically signed this petition.

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