No to Scott Siegfried As Cherry Creek Superintendent

No to Scott Siegfried As Cherry Creek Superintendent

11 April 2018
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Cherry Creek School District Board of Education
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Why this petition matters

Started by Robin Paterson

After two years of numerous hidden sexual assaults and secrecy in the Cherry Creek School District, the Board of Education has name Scott Siegfried as the new Superintendent of the District.

Scott Siegfried, as Asst. Superintendent, has participated in and assisted Harry Bull in a persistent program of reducing the transparency of the District to parents and tax payers.

During the past few years, most of which period Scott Siegfried has been Asst. Superintendent, the following have occurred:

1. Teacher Brian Vasquez- 37 counts of sexual assault.
2. Administrator David Gonzales- Failing to report sexual assault. It seems inconceivable that the Principal knew all of this was going on but Harry Bull and Scott Siegfried did not.
3. Administrator Adrienne McIntosh- Failing to report sexual assault.
4. Counsellor Cheryl Somers- Failing to report sexual assault
5. Employee Richard B Smith- Sexual Assault of a student
6. Security Guard Broderick Lundie- Sexual assault and sexual exploitation of a minor. This information was withheld from parents for 4 months.
7. Eaglecrest teacher Geoffrey Banninger- Sexual assault on a minor.
8. Eaglecrest student sextortion never reported and no notification to parent.
9. Teacher Troy Vandenbroeke hired as a CCSD teachers aid while under investigation for child sexual assault. The District refused to tell parents where Vandenbroeke had been teaching in the district.
10. Teacher Carly McKinney, Overland teacher, posting nude pictured of herself. Was she grooming boys in the school?
11. Teacher Perry Weissman at Smoky Hill accused of sexual assault. No report to police. No report to the CDE. No documentation in his personnel file.
12. Sexual assault on a school bus. Not reported.
13. Teachers, administrators, and Board members maintaining private social media accounts with children. What are you people thinking?
14. 30+ cases of student-on-student sexual assaults in our schools are unreported and hidden from the Colorado Dept of Education, when they are required to be reported
15. Recent Fox31 reporting of yet another student-on-student sexual assault with the school keeping it quiet. No report to police or to the CDE.
16. District wide- pornography readily available in the school digital databases available from EBSCO, Cengage/Gale, and ProQuest with no notification to parents of the potential danger.

The list is a horrendous indictment of the leadership of Scott Siegfried.

Scott Siegfried has been part of the problem in this District and he will continue to be the problem in the District. We, the undersigned, have no confidence in Scott Siegfried's leadership or in his ability to correct the disturbing culture of abuse and secrecy in this district.

These are our children and deserve a Superintendent that will take a strong leadership role in correcting the problems and the damaged culture in this district, not one that will perpetuate the problems we have been experiencing for years.

We, the undersigned, demand that the Board of Education:

1. Immediately rescind the appointment of Scott Siegfried as Superintendent of the Cherry Creek School District.

2. Engage an independent outside consulting firm to conduct a nationwide search for more qualified and objective candidates.

3. Hire a candidate from the shortlist of candidates recommended by the consultants as being the best choices available.

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Signatures: 2Next Goal: 5
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