Chopsticks for Cherry Creek

Chopsticks for Cherry Creek

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Why this petition matters

Started by Nathan Kawamoto

The Mission...

The Cherry Creek School District should include chopsticks as a utensil option in all district school cafeterias. Chopsticks will contribute to a culturally diverse and inclusive environment for students. Additionally, chopsticks are sustainable and far better for the environment than the disposable plastic utensils used by students now. Finally, the cost incentive is immense. Wooden chopsticks are far more affordable than the ineffective, flimsy, and dull plastic utensils. The plastic sporks currently being used in many Cherry Creek schools are horribly unusable and disliked by the majority of the student body. It should be noted that it would be negligent to entirely phase out the current utensils for chopsticks, but it should be an option for students, especially as it would make them feel more appreciated by fostering a greater environment of inclusivity in our schools.

Student Testimonials

"Plastic waste is a big problem and having something that is recyclable, reusable, and easy to make... makes chopsticks a ecologically friendly utensil" - Mr. G

"We have a vibrant world-wide culture here at Cherry Creek and we should recognize and support other ethnicities" - John C.

"Because chopsticks are essentials" - Anonymous.

"I believe chopsticks are important in the school cafeteria as it helps us practice dexterity and learn about other cultures" - Amelia Dundon.

"Chopsticks can be used for may different purposes, from picking up individual grains of rice to picking up egg rolls. Chopsticks' utility shows no bounds. - Neel Sury. 

Our Goal

If this petition can reach a goal of 4,000 signatures from Cherry Creek students, it is our belief and hope that the school board and our administrators will be encouraged to look into their hearts and help us recognize our goal.

20 have signed. Let’s get to 25!