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Cherokee Village Mayor Lloyd W. Hefley & City Council members: RELEASE THE 3 INNOCENT PIT BULLS, FACING DEATH BECAUSE OF THEIR BREED

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We are petitioning Mayor Hefley and Cherokee Village City Council to please return the innocent dogs, Kannon, Thunder, & Sarge to their family & drop the bogus charges! They have been accused of biting a neighbor. However, they won't even tell this family who the neighbor is or give them a police report! The Prosecutor has said he is seeking to euthanize them!? They are NOT aggressive, and not only that, they are never allowed out unless they are leashed! It is impossible that any of them bit anyone!The family is well aware of the discrimination against Pit Bulls, and know that if their dogs were ever off leash that something like this can happen. That’s why their dogs are secured 24/7!
It is disturbing that the date and time of the incident has changed several times?! However, it was reported to the Sharp County Health Dept. that it officially occurred on March 27th at 11:55 am. On the date when the alleged incident took place, as well as every other day, the dogs were contained in their crates inside their locked home. When the family is home and the dogs are outside they are leashed or on leads. There is NO possible way they were involved! What is even more shady is that they asked to have bite impression the dogs to prove they weren't involved, but were told "it's too late for that the bite has already started to heal. In TWO HOURS?!

This is a case of Pit Bull haters wanting these dogs out of their neighborhood and willing to lie and deceive to make it happen!! What is even worse is that a law enforcement officer is involved!

How can the Prosecutor justify calling three dogs vicious for ONE BITE?! The handling of this situation is unheard of!! When law enforcement and animal control arrived to seize the dogs, the family asked for a warrant, instead of offering to get one, Officer Phillip Dunlap threatened that if they did not release the dogs, he would immediately terminate them and have their heads cut off for rabies testing! Perhaps Officer Dunlap needs training in ethics and law enforcement. Hes nothing but a Pit Bull hating Bully that clearly had an agenda that day!!

I would like to note that the shelter is taking good care of the dogs, and have been more than fair. The family is very appreciative for the opportunity to at least be able to see the dogs, even though it is through the kennel, and be able to take them their own food, toys, and treats. However, it is no place for an innocent family pet! Today one of the dogs was covered in ticks! It only takes one tick bite to transmit a deadly disease. They need to home!!!

These three dogs, Kannon, Thunder, and Sarge are beloved members of their family. Not only do the parents feel as though they have lost three of their children, but they also have young kids that are suffering emotionally. The seven year old little girl cried herself to sleep last night because she wanted her best friend, Kannon, to sleep with her. She told her mother that he makes her feel safe from the scary tree outside her window. If the mistake is made that they are not returned to the family, this little girl will be devastated! The individuals involved never stop to think about the pain and suffering of the entire family, when they make untrue accusations.

The state ordinance requires a 10 day quarantine, however Cherokee Village demands a 15 day quarantine.. The family was told that the city would honor the state ordinance and release them in 10 days...Didn't happen! The mandatory 10 days have come and gone and they are still suffering at the shelter. Today was the 15th day, so the family went to city hall with the $450 impound fee ready to take the dogs home, but were denied!! What is going on in Cherokee Village!?

We are demanding the City of Cherokee Village to thoroughly investigate all the evidence and individuals involved in this case and in the meantime send the dogs home. THEY ARE INNOCENT!!


The family has retained the Lancaster Law Firm, but they need our help! They have to raise $3500 for legal fees. Please donate what you can and share with others.



The Lancaster Law Firm

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