Curtis Bratcher responds:

Curtis Bratcher

My understanding is that these puppies were not picked up because of breed, but because of local leash-law violations.

Posted on April 24, 2013
    • over 1 year ago

    Ok, I can't believe that...I have neighbor that they know by name who releases his dogs every night after 5 pm and they run til 830am in the morning because the animal shelter people don't work then and they will not pick them up. We have called on them and nothing is done other than we will call "so n so" and tell him/her to put the dogs inside the fence...really??? I think it is who u are as usual they also have some type of bull dog and 2 other large dogs. It is bs...we also had someone drop a stray off and they refused to come and pick it up because it was a puppy. Afraid of some disease it could spread...well I have dogs and I don't want it either. They even told us to go dump the dog..luckily I found someone through my facebook that took the puppy. And how was it dropped off..they put it on our deck and we know because all the gates were closed and this pup was too big to get up there through the gates and rails.