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Cherokee County, OK Court Systems: File charges on Caisen Green for animal cruelty.

On Valentine's Day of 2013, Caisen Green was out in his yard with a bow and arrow when 2 stray dogs showed up in his yard. He said that his attempts in "shooing" them away was unsucessful, so he aimed his bow and shot one of them, a Pit Bull, in the side. Later, he took a photo on his phone and uploaded it to Facebook with the caption "For all you Pit lovers out there. Here's what happens when one shows up around my house." After gaining some negative attention worldwide, he removed the photo. Once the authorities were contacted and went out to investigate, Caisen Green had already burned the body of the dog, therefore destroying possible evidence that could have indicted him. His claim was that he shot the dog in self-defense. 

This petition is important because this pit bull was a living being, and did not deserve to suffer for simply being in his yard or for being the breed that he was. This could have been YOUR pet. Caisen Green does not deserve to walk free from charges because he cried wolf after gaining negative attention. The original post with the photo of the dead body alone is enough to show that there was mallicious intent behind this cruel act. PLEASE HELP!

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