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Release Dawson Out from Jail

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Dawson Lee Crowe, (a special needs student in the 11th grade at Cherokee High School in Canton, GA) INNOCENTLY sits, scared out of his mind, in the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center for an additional 30 days without bond!!!!!!!!!


Dawson Lee Crowe, a special needs student in the 11th grade at Cherokee High School in Canton, GA innocently sits, scared out of his mind, in the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center for an additional 30 days without bond.

Dawson has been detained and incarcerated, without bond, since Sept 14th, when he VOLUNTARILY turned himself in, at the advice of his attorney for aggravated assault. On July 5th, 2017, Mr. Curtis Sykes, Dawson’s 78 yr old mentally challenged great uncle who resides with Dawson’s grandparents, suffered from a burn on the lower side of his body. Thankfully he is fine and suffers no permanent damage.

Dawson has lived with his Nana and Papa, Carter and Wilma Faye Harbin, since his mother passed away when Dawson was only 7. Dawson has been raised by his grandparents. About 5 years ago, Wilma Faye, his grandmother, took in her brother, Curtis Sykes, as no one else in the family would care for him. In the home resides Dawson, along with his grandparents, and his great Uncle Curtis.

On July 5th, 2017, Dawson, who was 17 years old at the time, states that he heard his Uncle Curtis scream from the house. Dawson was outside getting the mail and playing. Dawson states he ran into the house to see why Uncle Curtis was screaming, and found he was locked in the bathroom. Dawson states he tried to unlock the door for a while, and finally got it opened, then he helped his uncle get out of the bathtub and dressed him. His uncle had burns on the lower right side of his body. Dawson immediately called for help by attempting to contact his adult sister, a neighbor, and then his Nana. Finally, his Nana (Faye) was reached and she rushed home from work. Immediately Dawson and his Nana took Uncle Curtis directly to the hospital to receive proper medical care for his burn. Uncle Curtis has since been placed in the Bryant Nursing Home for further care.

Dawson Crowe, who is a hardworking well liked, lovable, and caring student and friend, is in the 11th grade in Cherokee High School. With an IQ of 52 and reading on the 1st grade level, one of his diagnosis is Moderate Intellectual Disability. Socially, Dawson is friend to all. He is described to be a kind, loving, compassionate young man, who loves to smile. He loves school, he does all his school work and loves all his friends and teachers.

As soon as Dawson turned 18 on Aug 19, 2017, the investigator for Uncle Curtis’ burns called Dawson and Faye (over a month later after the incident!). Upon the investigator’s request, Faye drove Dawson directly to the Sherriff’s office to be questioned. Faye and Dawson were just doing what they were told as they are quick to always be compliant. When they arrived, Dawson, was taken ALONE with NO SPECIAL NEEDS ADVOCATE into a room to be interrogated by an investigator that admitted in court, to have NO training in interrogating children, much less children with special needs. Shortly after that, Uncle Curtis who went from the hospital to the Bryant Center Nursing home, never stated on record that Dawson had ever burned him, all of a sudden begins to state that Dawson threw hot grease on him from a skillet. This new accusation started after Uncle Curtis was supposedly “coached” by Harold Sykes (Curtis’ brother who is Curtis’ legal guardian, but never took care of him) and Pam Davis (Curtis’ niece) to pin the accusation on Dawson as these two family members had long time been in conflict with Dawson and Nana Faye. Faye believes that Curtis was coached to say it was Dawson, as Curtis is mentally challenged, unaware of the day or time, or of much anything else. The accusation of Dawson was never brought up until after Dawson turned 18. With the mental capacity that Curtis has, it would be typical for him to repeat robotically what he is coached to say. Pam Davis and Harold Sykes made a police report against Dawson, ironically as soon as he turned the age of 18.

On Sept 14th, Dawson’s attorney, Jay Wall, notified Faye that a warrant was going to be issued against Dawson, and it would look good if Dawson just came into the Sherriff’s office to turn himself in, be released on bond, and get all this cleared up in the hearing. Faye brought Dawson in and the arrest warrant was not even entered into the computer yet, but sure enough, Dawson was arrested as expected, and placed in a holding cell until his bond hearing that same day at approx. 4:30pm. The investigator (who admitted to never being trained to interrogate children) had on the paper written, NO BOND. Judge Ellen McElyea ruled for NO BOND, THUS FORCING A SCARED INNOCENT SPECIAL NEEDS YOUNG MAN, WHO HAS PHYSICALLY NOT GONE THROUGH PUBERTY YET, ONLY 89 LBS, STANDING BARELY 5 FT TALL, BARELY THE AGE OF 18, TO RESIDE IN THE CHEROKEE COUNTY ADULT DETENTION CENTER! Thankfully, the jail thought well enough to put him in “M” medical pod to exclude him from having contact with the larger inmates. The unfortunate fact is that “M” pod is a one room all alone solitary type cell, that Dawson must stay in for 23 hours a day and only get 1 hour a day to have free time. For a moderately intellectually disabled extremely loving social young man, this has been emotionally and mentally cruel and unusual punishment for him.

On Oct 6th, Dawson had his 2nd bond hearing. It was simply supposed to be a bond hearing, but what happened in that courtroom was nothing short of a Jerry Springer show. The honorable Judge Drane lost complete control of his courtroom and all day allowed very “questionable” witnesses of unreliable character brought in by the state to testify ridiculous exaggerated stories about Dawson. This turned more into a long drawn out trial, when in fact was just supposed to be a bond hearing. One of the neighbors on the street, Angela Faust, testified that 7 YEARS AGO, when Dawson was around 10 or 11, she caught him playing with her 5 year old on the trampoline and Dawson had his hands in her son’s pants. Dawson’s mental age right NOW is that of a 10 year old. So, 7 years ago, he was right on target for having the mental capacity of a 5 year old. It is extremely normal, though not acceptable, for 5 year olds to go through an innocent “discovery type curiosity” in their development that should not be painted as “dirty”. Children pull down their pants sometimes innocently at that age and laugh and giggle and very often innocently touch private areas. This is the age where we teach them, that this behavior is NOT appropriate, but we DO NOT ACCUSE THEM OF MOLESTATION, and we do not judge natural awareness and development as being BAD! We lovingly guide them, and we teach them and most often no harm is done. In this case, was exactly that, and no harm was done. So 7 YEARS LATER, this neighbor, Angela Faust, for the first time ever, never filing a report, decided to come up on the witness stand and testify that Dawson is a MOLESTER and is unsafe to be released on bond. Then another neighbor, also recruited by the state prosecutors team, comes on the stand and says Dawson was violently harming her child by swinging her child around. Most children and adults call this activity “airplane” and consider this playful. And that exactlyis what Dawson is… innocently playful wanting to bring joy to others. On the side of the defense, Dawson had mostly professionals and close friends of the family all testify to his sweet kind helpful compassionate behavior and nature. Of course the prosecutor did bring up one disciplinary record from high school of the one time Dawson got in trouble at school because he threw an apple and it accidentally hit someone. This same prosecutor states that he believes Dawson has FAKED HIS DISABILITY SINCE HE WAS 3 YEARS OLD AND IS NOT ACTUALLY DISABLED, thus discrediting ALL the professionals involved in Dawson’s diagnosis over the past 14 years!

The whole point is that Dawson Crowe would NEVER intentionally hurt a fly! Yet Judge Drane, after hearing the “molestation” incident conjured up from 7 years ago, decided to rule against bond, and keep this young small disabled boy in jail for yet another 30 plus days until the next bond hearing on Nov 9th where Dawson will be heard in Superior Court by Judge Harris.

Let it be noted that during the 2nd bond hearing on Oct 6th, Uncle Curtis Sykes, the uncle who suffered a burn testified to always having a great relationship with his great nephew Dawson, and would like to see him come out of jail.

Dawson and his grandparents are a very low income family, yet are honest, kind, and all work hard to the best of their ability. They have struggled to come up with funds to pay attorneys. Dawson Crowe has had his civil rights violated. He is serving a cruel mental, emotional, and physical punishment and has no special needs advocate or special needs professional to properly assist him. Although Jay Wall, his current attorney has worked extremely hard and is doing an excellent job representing him for barely any payment, what Dawson needs is someone who specializes in Civil Rights for the Disabled and Special Needs students.

Again, even though his physical age says 18, his body still has not gone through puberty, and his mind is that of a 10 year old boy. When Dawson is upset, he cries. Dawson had cried for many days now. He is scared, alone, and confused.




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