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Keep school activities inclusive and comfortable for ALL families

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Hello. Please sign my petition to send a message of awareness, inclusion and diversity to the Cherokee County GA school system so that they are sensitive to ALL families when making decisions on school sanctioned activities. Upon opening a newsletter from my son’s school, Cherokee Charter Academy, I read a something about their planned “Family Night” at a local Chick Fil A.
I am saddened that his schools is choosing to support an organization that recently has been at the forefront of inequality instead of standing up in support of ALL families at his school by choosing another restaurant where ALL families can celebrate and feel comfortable
The Chick-fil-A story is an important test for all people who claim to support equality, whether they themselves identify as LGBT or allies. It takes a certain amount of courage to say, “I support marriage equality,” and a different level of courage to say, “I’m not going to buy tasty chicken sandwiches because I know the profits are used to harm LGBT people.” In my experience I encounter more people who can’t be bothered with the task of actually taking personal responsibility to defend LGBT people if it means living in a world without “a lot of excellent sandwiches.”
I’m not calling for some big, formal boycott. I just want my son’s school to make appropriate choices where ALL families are taken into consideration and supported and made to feel comfortable with school sanctioned activities. I’ve decided not to eat there anymore because of their public stance on marriage equality and because marriage equality opponents raise concerns about how fit same-sex couples are to marry or raise children. But other demographic groups are not expected to demonstrate that they are, in the aggregate, at least as good as average at marrying or parenting. As a parent of 3 children, this is HIGHLY offensive.
We are fed up with that -- and we should be. And, increasingly, as shown by recent equality victories it's becoming the popular sentiment across the country that subjecting gay people to special burdens isn't just bad policy but also offensive behavior. And one thing you do with people who offend you is you don't eat at their restaurants. A world where LGBT people are free of bullying, violence, harassment, discrimination, income inequality, and health inequity sounds like a much better world than any chicken sandwich could define. I ask you to please sign my petition to send a message to all schools that we have to be considerate of ALL of the student body and we HAVE to make a stand for equality for everyone.

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