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Petition for a Mystic Messenger Anime

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We, the Mystic Messenger fanbase, while just starting off are already a huge and creative community on the internet. These fans make countless fanart and videos for the game, but I know everyone would really benifit of off and love a Mystic Messenger anime. This would not only bring in more people to the fanbase, but it would also bring in more creative ideas and would only unleash more creative potiential. I know many fans would be willing to put in donations to see this become a reality, so I believe that there is a possibility that this could actually happen if the creators see the amount of support from the fanbase itself. 

While the idea of having each season be a different route sounds exciting, we don't know exactly how long Cheritz would be able to do this. So a more reasonable alternative could be a mini-series. Each route possibly taking on their own long episode. Only a suggestion but if this anime happens, I'm sure Cheritz would be able figure out a good way to make it work.

Thank you to everyone for the support and hopefully we can make this happen. :)

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