Save the Community Cats at the Fayette Industrial Park

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A CRISIS is occurring for the Community Cats at the Fayette Industrial Park located in Smithfield, PA. 

On Wednesday December 12, 2018, a local organization dismantled all of the winter habitats of these community cats. At that time, the all volunteer caregivers were not to provide food or water necessary to the health and well being of the animals.  This has had an immediate negative impact on the community cats. These cats are dependent upon assistance for survival especially at this time of year.  This has been a 10 year established community cat colony.  The all volunteer caregivers have spent numerous hours of painstaking work providing shelters, food, and water.  These volunteer caregivers have provided sustained daily care along with veterinary assistance to these community cats at their own expense.  This includes the practice of TNR (Trap Neuter Return) in order to reduce and stabilize the numbers of the colony which in turn becomes cat colony management.  

What can we do?  An open dialogue needs to be implemented with the volunteer cargegivers, our local decision makers, businesses, and invested public.  The successful practice of TNR and cat colony management at the Fayette Industrial Park located in Smithfield, PA, can be an example in which future business parks can model in Fayette County. The knowledge and education can be passed on to future volunteer caregivers and a situation like this one currently happening, can be diffused or completely eliminated.

How do we help?  We must come together now.  Call, write, or email our local officials.  We must work towards relieving the life altering situation for the community cats of the Fayette Industrial Park TODAY.   The temperatures are dropping this week. Please consider signing this petition in order to save OUR COMMUNITY CATS.