Stricter Laws on Auto Theft and Theft Causing Vehicle Homicides.

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Tabatha Henrichs
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I work with a man at John Deere Seeding in Moline, IL. He just lost his fiance in a car accident created by a stolen vehicle that was going 60 mph. and ran a red light T boning their vehicle and killing Tammy Loos.

We need stricter laws to put these people away. Our laws right now are a slap in the face to the people involved who have lost loved ones because of these people who are out on joy rides in other people's cars and have no respect for human life. 

I just read another article that happened a few hours ago that was on John Deere Rd. Where a stolen vehicle just caused 4 cars damage.  And 2 were treated with minor injuries.

The thugs that are being arrested in these  cases are given lenient sentences.  Some are being sent home under house arrest or house detention.  So after their time is up they are back out in the streets doing exactly what they were doing before. Most of these car thieves are minors. But they need to still be accountable for their actions.  A little slap on the hand is not cutting it. 

We need something done. And we need it now!!!