Chennai Road Safety and Traffic Management

Chennai Road Safety and Traffic Management

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Sathishkumar Balakrishnan started this petition to Chennai Traffic Police Department

I'd like to raise a complaint regarding the status of Traffic management in our Chennai city where I believe a change should be effected. When use to drive two wheelers in early 2000, I could see there was lane discipline enforced in Mount road. Buses, four wheelers and two wheelers drove only on specific lanes of the road. But these days the number of vehicles have increased many times and the roads have gotten wider. But we could not see the slightest lane discipline anywhere in the city.

Buses and lorries are being driven dangerously on all the lanes without the slightest care.

Cars and two wheelers are being driven thro' every gap available on the road.

Drivers are having little sense of driving these days. It is fast becoming that the ability to move the vehicle is construed to be driving. But driving is more than that.

The Government is destroying/taking over farm lands, houses and business buildings to expand roads to reduce traffic congestion. Lots of people have lost their living spaces and livelihoods due to road expansion. But the way we use our roads is very painful to see. I understand construction works are happening in the the city. That should not be the reason why we should not be having lane discipline in the rest of the city.

During Deepavali or Pongal eve, if the buses are plying only on the left lane, I believe, most of the congestion issues can be addressed on that day.

Currently lane discipline can be definitely implemented in the below roads.
1) From Chennai Airport to Vandalur (GST road)
2) From Guindy to CMBT

3) Beach Road From Beach Station to Adyar

4) Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR)

Please take this request to enforce lane discipline in our city roads wherever possible and particularly on all major roads.

This will

1) Reduce accidents
2) Reduce congestion
3) Give more clarity in driving
4) Manage the traffic more effectively
5) Reduce the stress on Traffic Police and motorists
6) Reduce further destruction of our living spaces for the expansion of roads and gives some justification for those destroyed earlier.

It does not suit to call Chennai a metropolitan city if lane discipline is not part of its traffic management system.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!