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Curb traffic sound pollution

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Our traffic woes are many due to the indiscipline which has creeped in because of lack of scientific traffic management system. There are some things which one cannot help due to the diverse nature of vehicles plying on the road and lack of road space to accommodate all. Hence, there is no driver who has never violated a traffic law. The system simply does not allow.

However, there are a few areas of traffic management that can be effectively controlled. One such is sound pollution, especially in Chennai. Honking here is as much or may be lesser than the other metros. However, it is a common practice for auto drivers and motorcycle riders (especially those who own heavier bikes like the Royal Enfield) to modify the silencer of their vehicles to raise hell. Sound pollution is a major cause of deafness. It is a subliminal health hazard as one does not realize the harm it does to the mind and body.

I'd like the people of Chennai to join me in petitioning the Chennai City Traffic Police to clamp down on the habitual offenders and see that all modified silencers are restored back to their normal decibel levels. This violation of creating shrill sounds by modifying silencers (which I ought, is a violation), can easily be checked and controlled by the CCTP as it is completely avoidable.

I hope that the rest of the citizens of our otherwise peaceful city will join me in this effort to petition the CCTP to control sound pollution.

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