School fees Deferment and reduction due to COVID 19 impact

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Dear School Management

As you are aware due to the heavy impact of Corona Virus on our country and specifically Chennai most businesses and individuals are heavily impacted with businesses being closed for over 60 days and some individuals are awaiting salaries or payments from clients and customers or even lost jobs.

During these tough times it's very important for your management to support us by considering reduction of fees and a periodic payment cycle option given that there are also reduced over heads to the school with respect to maintenance costs and expenses.

Also we are still unsure of schools reopening at least for another 2-3 months until situation improves and on how government instructs going forward, so collecting shoes and uniforms fees and other miscellaneous expenses at this moment is not reasonable.

Please help to consider this petition and reduce and defer the fees and support us during these tough times so we can all come out stronger together from this pandemic.