#justice_for_jeevitha....Stop cruelty against women.Save #vaishali from that cruel family​

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Hi everyone, We have lost a true soul #jeevitha, who committed suicide by jumping out of the running train...I won't support suicide but pressuring someone is equal to killing them... Jeevitha got married to rose murali on 2016 since then she has been going through a very tough phase in her life... Religious beliefs and dowry issues ruined her initial phase of her marriage life... Despite all these issues, she gave birth to a girl baby named vaishali (march 6 2017).. It's not a normal delivery...It's a planned cesarian section which has been forced by her husband's family (due to superstitious beliefs)... She is a very strong women, who tolerated and fought against these morons all these years...But Her husband's illegal affair with a female named Shahana ruined her braveness...She begged that female to leave her husband..But jeevitha's husband didn't wish to live with her...He preferred to spend time with Shahana... Rose murali's family tortured jeevitha for dowry issues... Finally she took a very bad decision and ended her life... Jeevitha's last wish is to save her baby from that guy's family...Hard hitting factor among this is that small baby vaishali's born day today (March 6 2018) But her mother isn't here to look after her...Dear ppl, do share this� Help us to save #Vaishali from that cruel family...Baby should be with jeevitha's family....Do support...�