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Please refuse to carry wild dolphins & develop policy against such practices

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Dolphins are not cargo!

AIR CHINA: Stop transporting live dolphins. Please refuse to carry any further wild dolphins & develop policy against such practices and show real commitment to their protection.

Air China is known to have carried dolphins from the brutal dolphin drive hunts in Taiji. The airline helps to sustain dolphin slaughter and the trade in captive dolphins and whales. Demand for live dolphins from the aquarium industry serves as an economic stimulus for the hunts to continue.

Between 2002 and 2012, Taiji captured & sold 1,203 dolphins into captivity. "About a third of the captured cetaceans were sold to the 56 aquariums in Japan that hold dolphins, leaving 800 more animals to be shipped to 14 different countries, especially China, which has flown in 242 dolphins from Taiji in the last decade."(David Kirby, Take Part Article Oct 2013) Airlines might just hold the secret to ending dolphin captures at the Cove

Dolphins' risk of dying increases six-fold due to Air Transport between facilities.

This deadly chain of Capture > Transport > Captivity has to be stopped!

Hong Kong Airlines ceased its transportation of wild dolphins in 2012 after an internal memo was leaked by an employee. The memo bragged about the $109,000 the airline received for carrying five dolphins from Japan to Vietnam in January 2012. Public outcry and pressure from activists (including a petition) forced the airline to change its policies and no longer transport wild dolphins.

The petition worked with Hong Kong airlines, and it can work with Air China.

In order to fully understand the trauma these animals go through, please watch this video, made by which documents dolphins' long and stressful journey from Taiji, Japan to Dalien, China: Taiji Dolphins To China By Truck & Air





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