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Say No to the Funeral home

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Commissioners of Cheltenham Township:

The allowance of a funeral home to operate at 6 Royal Avenue will be contrary to the public interest. Promised tax revenue from a business should never trump the public health, safety and welfare of a neighborhood. Our neighborhood is no place for a business that would require an offsite parking agreement for two hundred spaces for their patrons. Our streets will undergo dramatic traffic changes and counteract current traffic calming efforts currently underway. This will put our safety as well as the many school children in the area at risk.  Allowing such potential dangerous traffic situations could have deadly consequences. 

The allowance of such a business will also be very detrimental to our fragile property market. Property owners already struggle to find buyers due to our high taxes. They would also face the added burden of the undesirable stigma of being located near a high-volume Funeral home. The large crowds of the bereaved and the added activity level might deters buyers from looking in our area. Unable to sell their home, some might face foreclosure or being grossly underwater on their mortgages. Once property values decline, people will begin appealing their taxes. That will amount to lost tax revenue to our Township and schools. Thus begins the decline of our neighborhood.

Furthermore, we are deeply concerned about the environmental effects the business will have. There is issue with regards to the use of formaldehyde (a known carcinogen) and other embalming "byproducts" entering our delicate sewer system. Bodily fluids involved in the embalming process will also enter the sewer " untreated" as is common practice in funeral operations. Some residents in our neighborhood have already had disastrous events of sewage backups and flooding. This will further jeopardize our health and the health of future generations if there were to be another flooding and backup event due to issues with the sewer system. It is unknown what effect this could have on ground soil but that could be a problem the next generation will face thanks to recklessness.

Lastly, we are currently left with no representation as our commissioner favors the added revenue from this million dollar business. He has refused numerous requests to hear our concerns and has not attended the Planning Commision meeting, Building and Zoning Commitee meeting and the Zoning Hearing Board meeting where many of Ward 2 residents spoke of such concerns. While busy furthering his political career, he has neglected his duties and responsibilities to his ward members. His vote was left in the hands of another commissioner who has personal ties to the applicant and also favors the development. We are frustrated at the whole political process and it's failure to protect us. At our own expense, we are having to pool our resources to fight the decision of the Zoning Hearing Board. Their ruling to allow the changes in zoning for the applicant is highly contrary to the public interest.

We are urging the Commisioners of this Township to say NO to developments that threaten the public health, safety, welfare and property values of its residents. Please do not put dollars on a higher pedestal than lives. Please don't put business in front of the greater good of our community. Please help preserve the neighborhoods that you and we are proud to call home. Please say NO to the William R. May funeral home. 




The concerned residents of Cheltenham








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