Permit sports uniforms to be worn to and from Cheltenham Girls High School!

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From what some of the SRC have heard, many students are unsatisfied with our current sports uniform policy. By signing this petition you are expressing your interest in changing this policy!

We believe that being prohibited from wearing the school sports uniform to and from school is unreasonable for a number of valid arguments: the growing population of our school has already caused the size and quality of our change-rooms to become inadequate; valuable class and training time is wasted getting changed each period; students are late to class/roll call when made to change, especially for those who are part of TSP; sport participation at lunch and recess is consequently discouraged; and to be frank, it is just a nuisance having to carry around sports gear all day. 

We understand that not being seen in our sports uniform, outside of school, is a Cheltenham tradition, however, times have changed and the notion that girls cannot or do not do sport does not need to be maintained through this policy as it simply no longer exists.

By signing this petition, you can bring us one step closer to changing CGHS's sports uniform policy!