upgrade cheltenham skatepark

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For a long time we (skaters, inline rollerbladers and bmx riders) have all been very grateful for the facilities provided, however the skatepark is slowly deteriorating. Montpellier skatepark isn’t really a great skatepark as it has a bad layout/shape and the ground and ramps are degrading. There are many skaters in cheltenham who would really appreciate a new skatepark or at-least improvements to it. Often the skatepark gets overcrowded which isn’t ideal, this is obviously a big problem especially during the summer. A new skatepark could potentially attract new skaters to the skate scene and also bring people from other towns to cheltenham. It would also mean that skaters spend less time skating on the streets which some people don't like. Lots of the youth in cheltenham only have skateboarding/bmx riding as a hobby so it would surely improve the wellbeing of the youth here. Skateboarding saves lives! Obviously skaters and others would help to raise money for this project. The main target at this point in time is for the council to take notice of the situation and hopefully take action after the lockdown has ended.