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Chelsea: Let the head coach/manager decide on transfert policy

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Chelsea Football Club's board has taken over the transfer policy from the head coach for a long time now. How can a club of such stature pretend to achieve such ambitious goals (e.g : winning back to back titles, winning the champions league) without empowering the head coach to have a say in the transfer policy? Perhaps the club feels they are removing the burden from the coach but they are just limiting his latitude with regards to gameplay. Moreover, this attitude from the board of deciders and the owner put a strain on the relationship between the players and the coach. How can a player feel wanted by the manager/head coach, when he fully well knows that perhaps, someone else was wanted? How can a manager work in such conditions? 

Moreover, the transferts that have been sanctioned by the club endanger the youth development. When we can only sit back and watch as young talents are being driven away whilst huge amounts of money have been spent on players who are less talented and involved than these young lads, it just frustrates everyone.

For too long we, chelsea fans, have seen the board making mistakes in terms of transferts and youth policy. A change is needed.

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