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Chelan PUD: Maintain the analog electrical meters - vote No on harmful “Advanced Meter”

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Are you aware that our PUD Commissioners are considering replacing our current analog electrical meters with Advanced “Smart” Meters (that radiate strong electromagnetic currents) on your home and/or business?  Their decision will be determined imminently.

The world is waking up to the realization that these microwave frequencies are having serious detrimental effects on the health of humans, animals, and wildlife.  Documented safety issues and the potential of massive invasion of privacy are also huge concerns. 

An accumulation of peer-reviewed scientific studies, medical professional testimonies, electrical engineers and IT security experts concur: we are under siege.

Some of the serious Health Issues humans are facing from this pulsed radiation:

  • Blood cells experience degradation leading to a compromised immune system,  inflammation and, ultimately, serious conditions and/or disease
  • Sleeping Disorders: insomnia, night waking (because your circadian rhythm is interrupted)
  • Stress,  anxiety, irritability
  • Headaches or sharp pain in the head / memory & concentration issues
  • Endocrine disorders, thyroid problems, diabetes
  • Heart issues:  palpitations, arrhythmias, interference with pacemakers, high blood pressure
  • Hyperactivity in children
  • Recurrence of cancer
  • Infertility

Safety Issues:

  • House fires have been reportedly caused by the meters.
  • Damage to entire home electrical wiring system due to power surges (no surge protectors on device).
  • Do you know if your insurance carrier will cover the damage if this should happen?

Privacy Issues:

  • All newer appliances are now incorporating the ‘smart’ technology.  This allows the ‘smart’ meters to communicate with each of them and record usage – exact time used, duration, frequency, etc.  That information is captured--part of your profile--and saved by the PUD.
  • Personal information -- usage, non-usage (hint: that says you’re not home) can potentially be shared (or even sold) without your knowledge or consent.
  • The grid is extremely hackable and we know hackers love a challenge and opportunity.  And we may never know that it happened. 

Wildlife/Nature Threatened:

  • Particularly bees and butterflies – those amazing creatures that are crucial to our existence are disappearing as we all know.
  • This ‘technology’ threatens birds.  They are becoming disoriented by the EMF and colliding with cell towers; abandoning nests, experience plumage deterioration and an estimated 6.8 million deaths per year.
  • Any technology that harms humans, plants, and animals can never be considered environmentally sustainable or “green”.

Higher Electrical Bills:

Even though the premise of this changeover is to help consumers manage their usage with the goal of lowering the monthly electrical expense, quite the opposite has occurred.  Shocking, unexplained, increases have been reported with no recourse for remediation.

Please sign this petition to say NO to Smart Meter installation in Chelan County. 

We are all affected and by standing united, we can make a difference. 

We cannot be complacent when it comes to our families’ and environment’s well-being and safety.

Take action now!  Vote NO to this proposed action by the PUD.

Resource: Here is an excellent, informative interview if you would like to learn more:  Smart meters & smart grid: What's the real story?

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