Reform and Reparation among Police departments in the Dallas area

Reform and Reparation among Police departments in the Dallas area

June 2, 2020
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Cheif of Police David Shilson and 2 others
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Started by Alyss Livion



Addressed to: David Shilson, Jeff Cheney, Eddie Bernice Johnson

Dear respected Police force, local, and state representatives,

In light of what has happened these past weeks regarding the outcry against racial brutality, we felt it absolutely imperative to no longer wait for the changes necessary. We want it to be known that we believe in reform and reparation, not outburst of violent anger. We demand change, but not at the cost of destruction or death. We recognize that to bring real change to our society, we need agreement and accountability. We are so impressed with how the Frisco Police Department has stood in solidarity and protection alongside those  who are truly hurting. Which is why we believe that Frisco holds both the strength and influence to spark change in the Dallas area and even nationally. No one can deny the long lasting injustices against minority communities in this nation. In response, here is a list of our deepest desires, with the outcome being a gap bridged to bring justice, peace, and safety for all parties and citizens. 


Sworn accountability between Police Departments 
The public needs to know that the Police are capable of keeping one another accountable for possible criminal activity. Whether that includes intense transparency, inter-county councils, or harsher punishment for hateful behavior, it starts with just one voice. It starts with a call to action from Police to Police, quickly calling out all violations against our very law and order. That same law and order will cease to exist if Police are not willing to hold each other responsible for their short fallings. 

Higher standards for Police candidates
There are no federal standards for police officers. In many states, vocational training requirements are more strenuous than that in the police force (requiring less training hours logged). The public needs to know that there are stronger requirements in place that can check for the skills and characteristics we expect of police before they’re put in a live situation. The public needs to know that police are specifically trained to address any racial biases. We believe that by Frisco being an advocate for immense accountability in the curriculum offered to cadets in training, others will follow suit.

Public apology for long lasting abuse
Some may find this unfair, to apologize for things they may not be directly guilty of, but there can never be any peace where there is no atonement. There has been undeniable crime against minority communities spanning the entire existence of our nation, and in order for there to be healing there must be responsibility and forgiveness. We believe that the Frisco Police Department can be a great example in an act of humility. This would end the cycle of pride and anger, bringing in a fresh breath of kindness from an authority that communities have lost trust in. 

We understand that this issue runs far deeper than any local government can hope to fix. The roots of racial discrimination are imbeded heavily in many of our cultural and political lifestyles, and would need swift undertaking on a national level. This is the first step. This is a plea of people to their local leaders, who believe that those leaders have the power to do what's right and turn the tide. The time has not come for justice and peace, that time came a long time ago. We are years overdue. If these pleas are not met with immediate consideration, believe that they will be met in a more costly manner. We expect explicit responses and plans of action for all three of these remarks.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Signatures: 10Next Goal: 25
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Decision Makers

  • Cheif of Police David Shilson
  • Frisco City Counsel
  • Eddie Bernice JohnsonRepresentative