Cancellation of Semester End Examination

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To,. The Chief Minister,

We humbly appeal to you to cancel the University Examinations on account of the ongoing Pandemic. If the exams are held as per the scheduled dates there will be unnecessary risk to the health of thousands of students, staff and their families at large.

The State is not fully prepared with adequate safety measures to stop the spread of Covid-19( infact the whole world has failed in doing so) Sir will the State provide for equipment like sanitizers and thermal scanner guns at the exam centers? What assurance is given that standard operating procedures will be followed at all exam centers?

A large number of students travel from remote areas, with the scarcity of public transport it will be problematic for such students to reach their exam centers in time. Also what provisions will be made for sanitizing the buses and classrooms? Examinations in most colleges will be held in 3-4 sessions. Will the colleges have sufficient time to sanitize the classrooms after each session? Students also have the tendency to enter the examination center at the last moment, where will there be time to use safety equipment in such cases?

Also a large number of students will be present in exam center corridors and toilets before and after the exams,this will be in total violation of social distancing norms, which will lead to potentially unhygienic conditions. In addition to this a number of students who might have returned from red and orange zones will pose a threat to the other students. Sir can you guarantee that there will be no Corona carriers amongst the students? If exposed to an asymptomatic student or teacher all students may become infected and could become carriers and a potential threat to their families too.

In view of this we appeal to you to kindly cancel the written examination. We are open to any other mode of examination for the purpose of assessment and promotion.