Stop pressuring for Exams fees &MP Student demands fees reimbursement

Stop pressuring for Exams fees &MP Student demands fees reimbursement

3 July 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Parashar _

Madhya Pradesh college students are asking the colleges to refund their examination fees as the state government has ordered general promotions.                
On June 23, The state government has directed all colleges in both higher education and technical education to promote students without exams due to the pandemic. Now ,after that some of universities are pressurizing & demanding the exams fees from students to avail the benefit.

Why student raised this demand?

  •  when general promotion is directed, that means "NO Exam than why exam fees required".
  • Many parents of most of the students are going to through great financial suffering due to lockdowns & pandemic of Covid19 as there will be impact to business/ job throughout the state. Even our Prime Minister has requested every citizen to do their part in these tough times and support the many colleges had issued deadlines for college fees .

What are Colleges authorities views on this.

  • According to them, for conducting exam they require papers,test copies which were already purchased , & for test copies checking cost is also included.

Our views after the statement:

  • Ok, we understand that material cost need to be paid but now after that can't the copies be used in future & will they not charge the students for the same again.
  •  As the checking cost now need not be paid by universities & might be they are replacing it with the name of cost in general promotion. Now this absolutely raises questions does it really cost the amount that have been charged?  
    The college exam fees vary from Rs 500 to Rs 3000 in higher and technical education.This year 17.77 lakh students have registered for undergraduate and postgraduate level examination for both higher and technical education.
  •  why universities like RGPV students facing such issues, when most of the other universities is capable of handling such issues without any external burden/pressure on students and their parents.

Concluding what all could help :

  •  First of all ,release proper official notification and guideline as soon as possible that general promotion would be given for sure or not.(as many students came from different states & they are not sure to go their home-state as if again university might announce the dates )
  • Maintain proper co-ordination b/w state govt. and universities and ensure no student is pressurised by such msgs from the institutions for the exam fees and no one is left in availing the benefits of general promotion.
  • Lastly an appeal, to make a committee which would make plan how to reimbursement(refund) the amount collected back to the students or adjust it as setup in other states and the commitee would also make guidelines for the institutions to do the cost cutting of the services which are not utilised by the student atleast till everything come back to normal(like library fees,etc.) so that it could act as a sense of relief for the students as well as their parents /guardians.
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Signatures: 314Next Goal: 500
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