Cancel exams for students of Final Semester - Maharashtra

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Due to the COVID19, the entire country is under lock down and everyone is affected in some way. The economy is at the weakest trembling to crash like never before. 

Uday Samant, Education minister declared on 8th May that students of final semester will have to appear for their examinations while students of all other semesters have their exams cancelled. 

This gesture should have been extended to the Final year students as we are the worst affected. Study abroad students are stalled, placed students are losing their jobs and the ones without jobs, will face the heat of this crumbing situation. In such a distressed scenario for us, final year students, we should be relieved of the stress of giving exams. 

Many students live in small rooms in the slums of Mumbai. These students are already suffering from mental health problems since they are confined to a small space for a long time. Conditions in such households are not favorable to study especially due to lockdown which makes it tougher.

These students also use the library to study during exams. which won't be accessible to them during the lockdown. Many students don't even have books to study from because for Internal assessment exam many students study from class notes. whereas for End semesters they refer to books. Students and their families in the containment zone are going through turmoil in their life. They are worried and tense about being tested positive.

Students who have traveled back to their native place before lockdown are worried that they will be risking their life by visiting Mumbai for exams. Therefore, exams for final year students should also be cancelled because we are the most affected students and have the toughest journeys to start in our professional careers after the world recovers from the pandemic COVID19. 

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