Professional guides and tour leaders to be part of Rajasthan government aid due to COVID

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With a large spread of COVID-19, our tourism industry in Rajasthan have taken a huge hit, earlier supporting around 15 percent economy of Rajasthan with over 40 million tourist entertained in past years, in 2020 we see a huge drop in tourists due to country border and state borders bans.

Rajasthan guides and tour leaders have always been the frontline workers in handling and accommodating the worldwide tourist, even in the beginning of COVID outbreak, we as frontline workers have ensure the safe return of our guests, making Rajasthan an example of incredible India.

Without question, public health in the face of this crisis must be the primary concern.  

we request Rajasthan government:

  1. Job and family security - We as professional guides and tour leaders face a threat and uncertainty of our jobs and people affected by us every time India is hit by any natural or artificial disaster. 
  2. Work recognition - After years of putting in our time and hard work, still our job has merely recognised by institutions granting loans.
  3. Employer responsibilities -  After years of working freelance or permanent tour operators, employers still treating guides and tour leaders as replaceable objects regardless of people and families affected with us.
  4. Aid grants by the Rajasthan government  - Due to COVID outbreak no aid sanction by Rajasthan government, as frontline workers working for sustainable tourism, we have been neglected by Rajasthan government and neglected by our employers due to less or in some situations no rights we have, also no major aid been sanction by Rajasthan government for Guides and tour leaders for us who as a whole are major reason for an incredible experience in Rajasthan.


Please come together and sign this petition to save our livelihood, and save our present and future.