Stop dividing the religion for political appeasement

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You might have read the news on the division of Lingayat caste from Veerashaiva sub-religion of Hindu.

My dear friends the caste and religions have history and they have formed according to the people's occupation and their way of living.
For e.g, people who guard the nation/empire are called Kshathriyas, people whose occupation is washing and ironing the clothes are Dhobis, so every name of the caste and religion symbolizes it's occupation in it, So does Lingayat and Veerashaiva. word Veerashaiva means Proud Shaivite (one who is proud follower of Lord Shiva's principles and his way of living)
word Lingayat means Person who wears Shiva Linga (Rudraksha and smallest form of Shiva linga) and follows Shiva's principles and his way of living Thus the name itself symbolizes one and the same

Lingayat is a caste in Hindu religion, coming to Veerashaiva it is founded by Shri Basaveshwara (Basavanna) and called it as sub-religion because it is the constituent of many other castes, who have common goal of life that is to worship and follow Lord Shiva's principles

We have witnessed so many political gimmicks, we have never intervened in it and that doesn't mean that you can act on your own for any matter.

My dear friends, brothers, sisters and all my respected elders with this post i request you to support us, to stop this religion split.
Whichever the caste or religion it is, division will create differences between people.

With this post we want the central government and judicial authorities to take a serious action on people who start this religion or state or any division campaigns and Judicial should make sure there shouldn't be any rights to either of the Govts (State and Central) to sanction a new religion or state status