How to Fix Tap Tap Fish Abyssrium!

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How to fix "Tap Tap Fish - Abyssrium"

1. Please don’t take away our event currency in upcoming events if not possible then compensate 100 event currency with 1 pearl. Also bring back SOTM for farming event currency!

2. Vitality fixes: Improve the vitality rates given for the Facebook friends gift and photo quest,. Rebalance the vitality from the coral and coralite so they're more competitive with each other. Add more achievements after DL to stop the game from slowing down to an endless crawl.

3. Post the odds for the Platypus gachapon and any future gachapons draw, as per App store policy and Japanese/Chinese law.

4. Fix Ads that end with black screen, forcing us to close the program and restart it.

5. Please start a sequel to Abyssrium and try out new ideas. Also if possible create Freshwater version of Abyssrium or new environment like forest along with Animals and Birds.

We love this game. We love the graphics and continually marvel at the complexity of the way the sea creatures move through the ocean. So, we willing to pay a bit of a price to enjoy it. However, like the rest of us, we really would like to see some things fixed.

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Thank you so much guys, together we stand strong. Without regular gamers, Abyssrium would be nothing. We have purchased executives items, spent lots of time building our coral and we've had enough.

Financial Information on Developer: Cheetah Mobile Inc has grown exponentially from a six-person startup, to a $2.7 billion market cap NYSE company.


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