Cheerleaders are athletes and competing is our right!

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In a recent decision made by the Athletic Director of John Jay College for Criminal Justice (CUNY), the cheerleading team is not allowed to compete in the 2019 CUNY Athletic Championship. Her concerns were: not having consistent coaches, a diminishing roster, what borough our coaches live in, and gym availability. Our contentions to the concerns given are, we have a head coach and two assistant coaches for this 2018-19 season; and we have a full team of 20 girls; Our coaches' boroughs of residence are irrelevant and does not interfere with our practices nor their coaching ability; and the cheerleading team is willing to work around gym rental times.

For a school whose slogan is "Fierce Advocates for Justice," it does not seem like Justice is being served. The Cheerleading team is the only athletic team in John Jay not allowed to compete in the Athletic Championship for this upcoming season. Cheerleaders are athletes too, and to be reduced to sideline cheerleaders is to discredit our athletic ability. We're asking for your support against John Jay Athletics decision. Sign this petition and help us let John Jay know that we deserve to compete in the Athletic Championship like any other sport.

#CheerleadersAreAthletesToo #NotYourSpiritSquad