Please Add The GA Ruleset to BO4 Ladders on CMG

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I am proposing that CMG add a GA ruleset to their black ops 4 ladders. 

Right now CMG is the hottest website for playing wagers on Black Ops 4. You can on one of 2 rulesets. The CWL ruleset, which includes everything including the stuff which pros agree not to use against eachother, is not ideal because 90% of Ams and pros don't play this ruleset. These agreements (GA's) include but are not limited to the RC, Dart, Ajax, Tac Deploy, Reactor Core, Torque, Grapple Gun in SnD, Sensor Dart, Seeker Drone, and Zero.

The other ruleset is the CMG ruleset. This ruleset has every throwable and specialist banned. This is the ruleset most people who play CMG wagers play. Unfortunately this ruleset has made the game stale extremely quickly. You retake bombsites and get first bloods by having better peek timing or sliding with the right timing. Some areas of certain maps are completely impossible to retake alone without tacticals like a stun or nade. This has made clutch situations more about whether the team with numbers makes a mistake and less about whether the player in the clutch outplays the opponent. Examples of these areas would be the tunnels in Payload, Mid cut to both bomb sites on Hacienda, A-bomb on Arsenal from the bridge, both bomb sites on firing range, A-bomb on Frequency from U(first hardpoint), and many many more. Without tacticals, those areas of the map have to be avoided when retaking a site or portion of the map. This gun to gun ruleset has made the game incredibly stale, inconsistent, repetitive, and requiring of no strategy. 

The biggest issue with the website is the fact that it doesn't have the ruleset that the Pro and Am community is playing on. This means that the pros and ams have no means of practicing the ruleset they will be playing on LAN outside of scrims, and lets be real, nobody scrims SnD. For many years, wagers have been the best way to get better at SnD. By not having the GA ruleset, they are alienating the portion of the comp cod community that is serious about CoD. 

I believe that adding this ruleset to their website will be mutually beneficial for both CMG and the CoD community. CMG will experience increased traffic to their website, as more people will be willing to get the best SnD practice on the real ruleset, therefore increasing revenue. The CoD community on the other hand will get to play SnD the way it is played at events at one of the highest possible levels. 

TLDR; We want a GA ruleset to be added to CMG so people can play SnD the way it's played at events instead of playing CWL variant or watered down CMG variant