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Arizona has a unique history spanning from the Mexican state of Sonora to the breathtaking Grand Canyon. On February 14, 2012, this state that proved the taming of the West will celebrate its Centennial.

Without many official state emblems to its name, it is natural for the Arizona State Legislature at this opportune time to recognize the unique creations of this desert land through food, culture, arts, business and history. The Chimichanga, a deep-fried burrito that was first served here, represents creativity, entrepreneurship and history.

While it has been debated which of three families created the Chimichanga first or whether it was created in Tucson or Phoenix, it is not debated that this world-renowned dish came from the Grand Canyon State.

Tell the Arizona State Legislature not to miss this historic opportunity of recognizing a worldwide dish for its home-grown roots and symbolism of life on the frontier.


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I just signed the following petition addressed to the Arizona State Legislature and Governor Jan Brewer:

As Arizona prepares to celebrate 100 years of statehood it is natural for citizens of the Grand Canyon State to look to the future as well as the past in its commemoration. In comparison to other states which have passed this historic milestone, Arizona has very few state emblems that have been recognized.

With a unique Southwestern heritage that is incomparable to any other region of the world, our culture is accurately represented through the choice of the Arizonan-born Chimichanga becoming the official state food.

From the fresh tortilla representing the state’s Sonoran roots to the fried exterior representing the Navajo Nation’s traditions to the entrepreneurship of three families from Tucson to Phoenix, it is essential that this dish which has since traveled the world needs to have its home recognized. With its frontier history, Arizonans are hungry for the Chimichanga to become part of the future by becoming the official state food.


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