Cheaper school uniform

Cheaper school uniform

4 May 2022
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Started by Petrina Wickens

We would like the government to ban logo school uniform which costs ridiculous prices.

with the price of living going up continuously being able to buy school uniform for the new school year is extremely expensive even if you have one child moving school let alone the others going up a year and needing new shoes etc.

Each school uniform can cost £350 plus laptops and stationary bits.

we need school uniform you can buy from any supermarket.
No special skirts or blazers.

If a School logo is needed then we should be able to buy the embroidered logo to attach ourselves. Or have one thing which would be jumper or cardigan with logo. His many different places do you need a logo to be to be able to identify which school the child comes from?

no silly Logo trousers,expensive blazers or ridiculous fancy coloured pleated skirt 

school uniform should be comfortable so the child can concentrate on learning and only consist of.


trousers or skirt (grey or black)

jumper or cardigan 

tie if required

pe kit : t shirt, shorts, joggers, skort and fleece.

( should not need a ruby shirt , fleece and shirt) 

I have seen families not eat to be able to buy school uniform and this is happening year after year.

something permanent is needed to drastically reduce the cost of a school uniform.

years ago the only logo we had was on our jumper everything else could be bought on the high street.

school uniforms should also be gender neutral and comfortable.

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Signatures: 41Next Goal: 50
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