CCSU Students Demands "Promote Students , SAVE LIVES".

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The academic year has been disrupted due to the unprecedented nationwide lockdown to contain the Corona pandemic. With delayed academic calendar and the possibility of online examination without course-work being complete, there is a great deal of trepidation among the students.

It is also inadvisable to conduct exams without completion of course work in a physical class.
In light of this, the CCSU Students has the following demands:

We would like to bring your attention to the fact that, in this PANDEMIC Scenario, is it really possible for all the students?

From all kinds of financial backgrounds to sit for any exams?

We the Students are the future of this nation, but now the future is in danger, so we are seeking your help, There are a lot of reasons to oppose exams

1. Most of the students are in there home town and it's impossible to travel back to give exams

2. Most of the students are living in the red zone areas, Borders are sealed

3. Is it really possible to control the spreading of this virus by just giving one bench gap inside the exam hall.

4. Due to prolonged lockdown, the students are going through a lot of mental stress and it will also affect their results.

5. Semester Exams are very important and most of the students don’t possess enough study materials due to this unexpected prolonged lockdown since March. Without proper guidance and study materials, we can’t prepare for the exams.

6. Calling students alternatively to college won't help the situation because considering the strength of our college, even if one of the students gets exposed ( which I hope never happens ), what's next they will quarantine the whole college?

7. Another best example our college provided was to keep a check on students who travel through buses provided by our college. I have 1 question, looking at the number of cases emerging daily ( having 3324 active cases as of now ) how can you assure our security?
Because convincing a child's parents to come to college in a pandemic is a bigger deal than any other.

To maintain Govt. Circular and to stop spreading of Corona Virus in this Pandemic situation as well as to grab all opportunities by all the students, few institutions and universities have taken some remarkable decisions to overcome unwanted situations, some of the examples are stated below:

1. The University of Hyderabad has decided to issue certificates with two flexible options i.e. having an average number given by the authority or give Exams after a certain period of time as per student’s choice.

2. The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur on 24th May has decided to end the ongoing semesters and promote all the students based on a special marking scheme including mid-term marks.

3. IIT Bombay has decided to end its spring semesters as well as scrap the final exams for the 2019-20 academic year. The spring semesters were scheduled to begin on June 1 and go on till July 13.

4. Instead of taking exams, assignments can be taken of every paper, which students should complete within time and submit to their colleges. This system of the exam is used by B.Ed. Colleges and Open Universities.


6. Term Paper, a lot of topics can be given regarding the papers, from which the students should pick their preferable topics or professors should assign the topics to the students, and the students should submit their answers in a written manner. In this term paper basis, marks should be provided.

Considering the gravity and importance of the situation, we feel, you will be kind enough to review our views in such a manner that will help us to proceed in the future with great physical and mental strength. All Students in Year 1 and 2 should be promoted without an exam. 

With Best Regards,