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Serve Justice for my father

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On Sept. 27th, 2012 my father Mr. Guy Creech died from a beating he received on Sept. 17th 2012 while on the Georgia Ports Authority property. Mr. Creech was a 59 year old truck driver for Evan’s Trucking Company. Mr. Creech and another truck driver ,who was employed by Bridge Terminal Transport at the time had an altercation while trying to get in line at gate 4 interchange to enter the ports. After winning the position in line, the other driver exited his truck which was in front of Mr. Creech, stepped up on the side of Mr. Creech’s truck and began striking him with his fist through the window. According to the police report there are two different stories. Although Mr. Creech’s story is the same through each interview, the other drivers story has changed each time it has been given. In a feeble attempt to protect himself, and begging the man to stop the beating ,Mr. Creech threw or attempted to strike the other party with an unknown object from inside his truck. Very little damage if any was done to the other person. I am sorry to say Mr. Creech’s injuries were different. Mr. Creech sustained, 2nd - 7th right ribs broken, posterior 3rd-8th ribs were also broken, fractures in the 6th and 7th vertebra. Cerebral Infract due to blunt force trauma to the head and chest due to the beating. These are not my words. These are the autopsy report from the GBI. 11 broken bones, back fractured in two places and head and chest injuries that lead to a severe stroke that caused his death. As you can tell this was a vicious beating. 
Now this is where my problem begins,the other driver has yet to be charged or arrested. The DA has danced around this issue and seems to be very uninterested for justice in this case. Our family needs help in getting justice served for our father.

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