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Chase's Law

Too many people are dying of this synthetic drug known as "Spice". Recently a young teen named Chase Burnett from Peachtree City, GA was found dead early on a Sunday morning. It was said that he had smoked Spice and ended up drowning in his hot tub later. People need to understand that drugs in general are bad for you but especially the ones that are man made rather than natural. These kinds of drugs have tried to be banned before and the companies just changed the ingredients or gave it a new name but we need an end to these patterns NOW. Health officials report the following side effects of K2 or Spice:
Elevated blood pressure and heart rate
Extreme anxiety and paranoia
Chest pain
It's not just about knowing these people that matters, but to make a difference and to save the lives of others. How many times does it need to happen before you choose to make a difference. If it is important to you, help us end the future deaths of possibly your friends or family members.


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