Bring Bubba back before his innocence at 2 years old is destroyed beyond healing

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My grandson is 2 yrs old he was taken away from us almost month ago,  a sheriff deputy showed up to our house with a so called eviction notice he had a cps worker with  him who they never identified  till after coming in our home discussing the eviction notice,  they began taking pics of some of the house and asking questions they then said they wanted to talk to my daughter alone I said no I'd rather not in that time she went outside with sheriff deputy and talked they came back in and said she was with cps and they were taking my grandson cause they received  a call night before about a child in need of care we instantly  freaked said y plz don't and he continued  to say he was taking him not cps it's not her decision it's his I said already let us take her and baby somewhere else if they had issue with  our house they said no! I said then let us call his dad to come get him!  They said no! His mother said her son is not leaving without her! I was in shock I was feeling my heart break into million pieces  they were taking our baby boy up out deep sleep who hadn't even woke up for day yet,  he awakes to me and his mother in hysterics  crying and hugging him trying to tell him we love him! At this point I yell don't you guys have to have a warrant,  they asked me what did I say so I asked again don't you have to have a warrant  to take him the sheriff deputy replied no! I then said you him you don't? He said no! And I got on phone trying to get hold of someone to help crying on my bedroom floor I was in so much physical and emotional  pain he was gone! We tried cps worker several times the next 72 he's to check on him but cps said she doesn't no anything about him besides she took him to wherever foster parents where and dropped him off that's it she couldn't  tell us anything  else,  I believe it was like4 days since they took him maybe more before we had to go to court the first and last time I have seen him the moment he came in courthouse  we all broke completely  all over again they made him walk up 2 flight stairs when he got to top we were  waiting  to grab him he dropped  him self face first to floor and just layedthere lifeless for min as we picked him up to hug and kiss him bawling like baby's he was completely white as a ghost when his mom hugged him first time she flipped noticing how skinny he had gotten in just those few days and Bubba was the happiest  fun loving talker who adored his mama and Nana now was like a mute wouldn't talk at all then our time was up this older mean looking guy pulled him by arm dragging him from us again me and his mother have been the two people he has always been with since he was born and now taken from us both into god knows what situation,  he looked and acted so different  it scared us so first instinct I went to that same Sherriff and cps worker for them to do something  take him to Dr or something  just trying to get my grandson  looked at there response was "oh  I'm sure they just gave him something  to calm him "  our first reaction he's not on medication  he's not suppose to take anything! At court that day they never went over allegations or nothing they had contacted  his biological  father who had never spent time with him who Bubba barely knew they let him take Bubba home with them while he remains in cps custody and now our case is being transferred  to another county they have not contacted us about new court date or nothing the father hates muftis for raising the baby doing the job he couldn't  or wouldn't and therefore told my daughter he will not allow me to see him as long as he has him,  I believe  I failed to mention the reason they took the baby was not cause of our own home but because of the house next door owned by same person which none of us were responsible  for that house and baby not once  ever went in it,  

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