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Overhaul Your Procedures for Dealing With Victims of Domestic Violence

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When I left my abusive husband I knew it would be a long road to recovery for myself and my children. What I didn’t expect was to be left financially paralyzed and unable to support my family because of his misuse of my bank account.

During our marriage my husband used physical violence, including fracturing my spine and ramming my car, to frighten me into staying with him. I was a stay at home mother with no source of income so when he overdrafted my personal Chase bank account and refused to pay off the balance or fees, I was powerless to stop him.

I finally got up the courage to leave and press domestic violence charges against my ex-husband, but the damage to my credit was already done. Because of his actions, Chase placed my name on a list called Chex Systems that makes it impossible for me to open a bank account there -- or anywhere else -- for five years.

I’ve worked hard to support my children and pay back the money I owed Chase Bank. Even though the representatives I’ve dealt with know that my financial situation was the result of domestic abuse, the bank refuses to remove me from the list.

The physical and emotional consequences of domestic violence are well known, but the impact of financial abuse can be just as severe and long reaching. I can’t put into words how difficult it has been for myself and my children to recover from years of physical and emotional damage. To add being thrown into a financial crisis by an institution with no sympathy for my situation has made it all even harder to bear.

I know I’m not alone. Financial abuse is a common means by which perpetrators of domestic violence like my ex-husband exert control over and extract revenge on their victims.

Please sign my petition asking Chase Bank to remove me from Chex Systems and change the way they deal with victims of domestic violence. 

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