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I was really inspired by  Jamie Oliver's Green revolution. He goes to schools and helps them change thier lunch menu to be healthier, but still tasty by having actually COOKED food, instead of pre-made and instant stuff. Since i doubt he will come here, i decided to make change on my own. Chartwell's food is low in health despite what they claim it to be, their prices are inconsistent and they keep raising them. They have numerous health problems with their food, but they keep them under the rug by giving students a free lunch if they have a problem with theirs, they DO NOT make note of the problem. Every cent these students pay for lunch goes to the company and not our school. Every cent goes to food that has lower nutritional value than McDonald's, and i started this petition with the hope that this can be changed.

Letter to
Chartwells Chartwells lunch program in Wethersfield High School
Remove the company of Chartwells from my high school, or offer new regulations to be placed on the food they serve. I support a green, healthy diet, and kids should be fed healthy food, not instant meals with a low nutritional value.